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Proper zombie apocalypse planning will require a large amount of target practice. You see, when the zombies start to rise from the ground, you want to be skillful in shooting them where it hurts. So many people are going to wait until the zombie apocalypse before they start learning how to shoot on the dime, and this is definitely not the way to go. What would you do if I told you target practice could be fun? Gone are the days when you had to set up cans and shoot at them all day long – today, there are many amazing targets you can use in order to practice shooting. I am going to introduce you to three that I personally feel stand out from the crowd.

Zombie Series 1 – 10 Pack Target Set

Zombie Series PackThis target right here is pretty cool and is definitely a great way to get some fun target practice in. The target size is 19” x 24” and the reason they stand out from the crowd is because they are black light ready. The paper shooting targets don’t splatter, which I a major plus. They work great with any rifle, pistol, or gun.

Zombie Series Pack 1 – 19″ x 24″ 10 Pack

The package contains two of each shooting target – Todd, Fang, One Eye, Skinbag and Rhonda.

At the time of developing this list, this particular target has received a total of 65 reviews on Amazon – it has 4.3 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars, with 65% of the reviewers giving it 5 stars.



Benchmaster Shooting Targets

benchmasterNext on my list, I have the Benchmaster shooting targets. This is another set of targets that will help you get ready for the apocalypse that I hope will never happen. They have photo-realistic designs on them, so you can have fun preparing to defend yourself from the hordes of zombies.

These targets right here can go through even the worst weather that may happen at the shooting range. They are large, measuring 11-inch x 17-inch and they come in a money saving 25 pack for convenience.

At the time of pointing out these targets, there were a total of 5 reviews on Amazon. The product received 4.2 stars out of a possible 5 stars. 60% of the reviewers gave these targets 5 stars.

3D Bleeding Zombie Target

3d Bleeding ZombieLast on my list of the top 3 targets for target practice, I have the 3D bleeding zombie. This has been hand painted to resemble an actual zombie, making target practice even more fun. It is made of biodegradable materials, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the tiny stuff that may fall off during impact.

Here’s what’s really cool about this target – when you shoot it, the zombie actually bleeds. It can be shot over 1000+ rounds.

Many use the box as an additional target. Simply cut out the zombie on the cover of the box, or shoot the box itself! This product comes with 1 bleeding zombie target, 1 box, and a heavy duty wood stake.

There you have the top 3 targets – my personal favorite is number three, due to the fact that when you shoot the zombie, it actually bleeds. Just remember, it takes a headshot to put a zombie down – this is why I stress the fact that you need to get out there and do some target practice! Go ahead, choose one of these three, buy them, and start mastering the skill of shooting zombies in the head!

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