ALPHATEK Spring Assisted Knife APEX440C

Spring Assisted Knife

There are hundreds of knives to choose from if you are looking for a good EDC Knife or one to carry for self-defense purposes. There is a big deviation in price range as well from knives at sub ten dollars to ones priced in their hundreds. In the end I chose the ALPHATEK APEX440C based on other customers reviews and also on some cool videos I saw of the product. … Continue reading →

Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag

Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag

If you are in the market for a range bag and are looking for one that is durable, budget friendly and large enough to hold all your guns, ammo and accessories then look no further. The Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag is without a doubt the best you can buy. In fact you really don’t need to read any further as it stand head and shoulders above the rest. But … Continue reading →

Orion H40-W 500 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight

Orion H40-W 500

There are plenty of tactical flashlights available but this review is especially for a rifle mounted tactical flashlight to fix to an AR15 or shotgun or any other rifle with a Picatinny or Weaver Rail mount. The flashlight can also be fixed to a pistol. There are a number of brands selling similar LED’s from cheap no name brands that I wouldn’t trust to bigger more expensive brands such as … Continue reading →

Kootek K1Tactical Flashlight Knife

Tactical Flashlight Knife

I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for all these great Tactical and survival tools that you see online. The Kootek K1 is a nice addition to my collection and this one does have a lot of functionality and I will keep it as part of my car’s emergency kit as I can keep it in my dashboard glove compartment. Now let’s get this straight before we … Continue reading →

5.11 Tactical S/S Holster Shirt

Tactical  Holster Shirt 2

I’ve always been a big fan of 5.11’s range of tactical clothing and accessories and I was look at concealed carry shirts from them and other brands. I was looking for an alternative to OWB [Outside the waistband] or IWB [Inside the waistband] methods of carry. Anyway I thought I’d save you some time if you are thinking of buying one or more of these shirts as I have done … Continue reading →