BladeDriver Multi-Tool Knife

BladeDriver  fe

In today’s world , having a Multi-tool set available at any time can be proven more than useful in a variety of circumstances ranging from cutting something necessary to even fixing something that’s broken or damaged without burying the additional costs of paying someone else to do that. Modern Multi-Tool sets are offering a wide variety of tools from sharp knives to flashlights at a fraction of the cost of purchasing all the individual items separately and at a pocket … Continue reading →

Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack fe

OVERVIEW Direct Action® is a manufacturer of military uniforms and equipment, such as the Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack. It is called “tactical” because it is designed for military use and law enforcement operators, but it is not just that. The bag is also designed for everyday use because of its low-profile look. It does not really look like a tactical backpack. You can use it for fishing, hiking, and camping as well. If you are searching for a … Continue reading →

Emergency Food Survival Backpack Protein Replacement

Emergency Food Survival

While I enjoy writing about all the great survival gadgets, equipment or tools you can buy these days, they aren’t necessarily the most important essentials needed. If you have all the tools but are starving you won’t have the mental or physical abilities to protect yourself or your family. Having a good source of protein at hand, in both an urban or wilderness environment could be a life saver. Overview of survivAMINO Protein Replacement Depending on your needs and budget … Continue reading →

Adventure Medical Kits SOL Origin Essential Survival Tools

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If you are a serious survivalist or prepper this is certainly not going to be your main go to survival kit and if you are like me you are going to have various kits for different scenarios which you have custom built yourself. I have a Home Emergency kit, a bug out bag ready and some stuff in my car. You might have seen the survival kit in a sardine cans and such like being sold online, the SOL Origin … Continue reading →

Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear

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As much as I love being outdoors, camping and hiking, online shopping is a fantastic invention and it is easy to find fantastic low tech gadgets to buy that you would never find in your local shops. This pocket survival chainsaw is one such example, I’d never find a great little product like this in my local stores. While the pocket chainsaw isn’t a survival essential it could be very useful in an emergency situation and as it is so … Continue reading →